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Roasted Salted Garde A Pistachio
Origin: USA import
Weight: 500g
Expiry Date: 10-15 months
Roasted nuts have a longer shelf life than raw nuts
Orders will deliver in 10 days after payment made.

Benefits of pistachio
The fat and calorie content is low, and the dietary fiber content is high. Therefore, eating pistachios is not easy to get fat and helps to lose weight.
Pistachios are a good source of vitamin B6, protein, potassium, and thiamine.
research shows that eating pistachios helps control blood pressure levels.
The cutting-edge research data of the American Association for Cancer Research shows that eating a certain amount of pistachios every day can help reduce the risk of lung cancer and other cancers.


Include almond and cashew nuts in the diet, is a great way to improve overall health.
Use as toppings for pizza, ice cream, cakes, desserts, etc.
Can put in Thai style fried rice, chicken or even with vegie.
Best snack to eat on its own.

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