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Fresh Sultana Raisins 
Origin: Iran import
Weight: 500g
Expiry Date: 10-15 months
Orders will deliver in 10 days after payment made.

Sultanas are dried to concentrate their rich flavour. The sultana was traditionally imported to the English-speaking world from the Ottoman Empire.Sultana raisins can be added to you cakes, muffins, trail mix as well as tagines, salads and couscous.

Eating sultana raisins regularly can help ease or prevent constipation, according to MedlinePlus. Raisins are a good source of dietary fiber, which is beneficial when you're constipated.
On weight per weight comparison basis, 100g of dried grapes hold 249 calories, several times more fiber, vitamins, minerals and poly-phenol antioxidants than the fresh grapes. Raisins, however, contain fewer amounts of vitamin C, folic acid, carotenes, lutein and xanthins than fresh grapes.

Heart Health: Regular consumption of raisins provides protection against heart disease. By lowering cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels, raisins improve the overall condition of your heart, thus lowering the risk of strokes, hypertension and heart attack.

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