Super Junior - SUPER SHOW 3 (3rd Asia Tour Concert Live Album)
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1. 3rd Gate
2. Sorry, Sorry _Rearranged
3. Super Girl _Rearranged
4. 돈돈! (Don`T Don) _Rearranged
5. 너 같은 사람 또 없어 (No Other)
6. Ment
7. 고백 (Confession)
8. 좋은 사람 (Good Person)
9. 로꾸꺼!!! (Rokuko)
10. 봄날 (One Fine Spring Day)
11. 내가 너의 곁에 잠시 살았다는 걸
12. Looking For The Day
13. I Wanna Love You
14. 아이돌이 헤어지는 방법
15. 챔피언
16. 똑똑똑 (Knock, Knock, Knock)
17. 둘이 (You&I)
18. 아주 먼 옛날 (Song For You)
19. Shake It Up!
20. Twins (Knock Out)
21. 미워 (Hate U, Love U)
22. 잠들고 싶어 (In My Dream)
23. 진심 (All My Heart)
24. 너 아니면 안돼
25. 미인아 (Bonamana)
26. 갈증 Prelude
27. 갈증(A Man In Love) _Rearranged
28. U_Rearranged
29. Dancing Out! _Rearranged
30. 요리왕 (Cooking? Cooking!)_Rearranged
31. 차근차근 (Way For Love)_Rearranged
32. You Are The One
33. Wonder Boy_Rearranged
1. I Wanna Love You
2. Sorry, Sorry_Rearranged
3. 돈돈! (Don`T Don) _Rearranged
4. 똑똑똑 (Knock, Knock, Knock)
Release Date: 24-Oct-2011
Note: The album is 100% original which import directly from Korea, and will count on Hanteo Chart, Recording Industry Association of Korea, M.Net, SBS K-POP Charts, TVN e-news, KT music, M countdown, Chart Korea, KBS MusicBank.

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